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November 2020

The customer loved this job – we received a glowing review on it so I thought I would pass on some positive praise to you as well.

Thank you for making us look good again – it’s been a pleasure working with you over these past few years – you have earned our business for many years to come.

R Mitchell

Standard Plastic Card Solutions


August 2020


We appreciate you and your team. You produce a great product and we want to grow with you.

Ryan M


July 2020

Why does Valid recommend ArmorShield® for RFID blocking sleeves to your customers? 

They are responsive, collaborative and creative. They make it easy to do business with Information Packaging.


July 2020

Provided customer with an option to have uninterupted graphics on their printed envelope.

Hello Michael,

Thank you, that looks awesome.

How long do you need to ship an order for 10,000 printed?

What do you need for the printing?

Kind regards,


July 2020

Why does Valid recommend ArmorShield® for RFID blocking sleeves to your customers? 

They are responsive, collaborative and creative. They make it easy to do business with Information Packaging.

Cindy T.

Senior Manager of Operations and Finance

July 2020

Acquired a new customer and received the following email based on the good service.

Thanks David for making our experience so great. ?

Kind regards,


Katy B

Director, Client Integration

November 2019

Thank you very much for the quick response.  That is the true definition of excellent service.

I wish all our suppliers were so responsive.  Thanks again!

Jason C

Quality/NPD Engineer

August 2019

Customer requested some documentation required for a government contract.

Thank you very much for the quick response. That is the true definition of excellent service. I wish all of our suppliers were so responsive. Thanks again!

Best regards,

Jason C
Quality / NPD Engineer

July 2019

We received an annual score of 99% for product quality and 100% for customer service with a company we have serviced for over 25 years.  This a customer that we manufacture over 200 orders every year.  Listed below is the comment from the Senior Buyer.

Information Packaging is a great partner to us and a very dependable supplier of quality products. There are very few issues and when there are, they are taken care of immediately. Mike Hogan is also a great source of information and if he can’t provide us with what we need, he is always willing to go above and beyond to help point us in the right direction.

Katie D

Senior Buyer


November 2018.

We contacted a small customer that we did a job with several months ago and asked if it was time for a reorder.  We also asked if we could help support them in other products they may source today or in the future.  We received the following response:

Hi Mike – I don’t need a re-order at this time – outsourcing products is not a huge part of what we do to be honest. I will definitely keep you in mind though because I really was happy with your service and product.

Thank you,


Indigo Ink


March 2018 – Comment from a customer that has placed multiple orders thru the years.


Thank you, your company and your staff are the best I wouldn’t print anywhere else!

Best regards,

Carol R.


March 2018 – New customer that ordered 4CP printed RFID sleeves.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for checking in. My customer was really happy with how they turned out! They looked great and the print was really nice quality.

Thank you,



March 2018 – New customer that ordered printed 18 pt SBS Mailers.

Hi Mike,

Everything was perfect!  Thank you. I’ll check with them to see how often they order.

Hope to get lots of reorders.

Thank you,

Bill L.


Augusts 2017 – Customer came to us with a RUSH order.  The customer completely ran out of product and needed it ASAP.  The plant was able to ship it the very next day.  Listed below is the response when we told the customer of the quick delivery.

You are wonderful!!!

Mary Lou B.


July 2017 – Customer needed an order expedited.  We were able to turn the job around in two business days.

Thanks again for helping me out with turning this job around so quickly, I truly appreciate it.

Enjoy your day.

Todd H.

Account Executive



June 2017

Dear Mike,

I wanted to send a note to thank you for the terrific RFID sleeves we have been purchasing from Information Packaging.

The quality is exemplary and the pricing is substantially lower than we were paying from a previous vendor. I am so glad we found Information Packaging!!

We have given out over 20,000 of the sleeves at various events. The recipients LOVE them.We will continue to use them as often as possible. In fact, we are presenting in two weeks at a BBB System Communication’s conference on how we managed trade (particularly home) shows; and the sleeves were a major part of our consumer outreach.

We appreciate your support of BBB and trustworthy business practices through your accreditation at Upstate New York BBB.

Thank you again and best regards,


Warren E. ClarkPresident and CEO
Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York |Start With Trust®



A new customer requested a custom printed 10pt board sleeve to run on our new folder.  They sent the following comment after receiving the product:

We received the envelopes and you guys nailed it! They are perfect and exactly what we were looking for! Thanks so much :)  Amber R.  CEO & Cofounder.  February 2017.


Customer had an unexpected rush of orders and needed product quickly.  The plant was able to set-up and run the job the very next day.  The plant was able to take care of the entire backlog and extra product to help with new orders.

Mike, As always you are amazing!!! Thank you so much. Balance in a couple of weeks will be fine. ☺ Katie – January 2017.


Recently manufacture an RFID blocking card sleeve for a National Bank.

“Thank you!!!  The RFID sleeves turned out great!   Will be sure to call

you in the future .

Amanda” May 2016


Customer was provided tracking information on a job that was expedited.

Thank you Barb. You are great to work with. We appreciate you efforts and support.  Ashley S..  May 2016.


Customer had a backlog on a custom job that typically requires a two week lead-time.  The plant expedited the order and shipped in 3 business days.

Hi Barb,

Thanks for the update. This will be helping us out tremendously. Have a great rest of your day.

I appreciate that. Thanks for your help in speeding this process up. Please let your team know that as well. Kyle S.
The testimonial is from a new customer that switched to our mailer and saved postage costs.  They were very pleased with quality.

Hello Kim,

Thank you for checking in with us.  The new mailers are working out great!  We haven’t had any issues with returned mail due to insufficient postage and we are very pleased with the quality of the product.

Diana Wetzstein


Customer was in a jam with back orders piling up on the printed gift card sleeves, so Barb helped him out with a few drop ships. November 20, 2014.                                           You just saved Thanksgiving for a lot of folks. Thank you!  —Greg

The customer underestimated their needs and needed to add 2500 more pieces to an order that was already in house. I spoke with Josh and we are able to add it on with no problem. They were very appreciative with the quick response and solution, because this was a critical order. Thanks again Barb, we very much appreciate you!

The testimonial below is based on a customer that was purchasing a 4-color Tyvek sleeve from another supplier. They had ordered the copy (or creative) with the previous supplier multiple times and they were constantly dissatisfied with the quality of the printing. The customer used Information Packaging to do the job and the email response is below.

Good Afternoon David! I just received the sleeves… Thank you, and your team, they look awesome!

Suzanne M. | Graphic Designer/Project Manager

Glenn just showed me a final copy of the orange Hotel Derek Key Card sleeve and it looks FANTASTIC!!! Thanks to you and your team for all of your hard work on this project, we appreciate it! 

Laura T.

Digital Prepress / Graphic Design

” John, The samples that I received from you look ridiculously amazing! It is the best batch I’ve seen printed of this creative. Thank you so much!

 The job that Information Packaging did for us far surpasses the previous supplier that printed the job for us on our last run. Information Packaging addressed all my areas of concern and are easy to work with.  Information Packaging has given us great service overall – the quality of their work is great and so is their customer service.”

Tracy Lam, Account Executive, Future US, Inc.


“Hello Barb, Thank you for the receipt and also for your excellent service and prompt delivery. Best regards.”
– David

“Thank you for your help (ordering 5 million Custom Tyvek® bank card sleeves) and when we get this done, I will go out and see if I can’t get a couple more orders. Thank you for your “wonderful” help and look forward to hearing from you.”
– Pat

“Kim, the sleeves arrived yesterday and they look great. I just want to say thanks for the attention to detail and personal service you gave me and my project. I realize that this was not a large sale, but you treated it as if it was the most important thing you were doing. Thanks again. I’ll be recommending your company to others.”

“Hi Barb, I just wanted to let you know we received the envelopes yesterday. They look great! Thanks for all of your help!”
– Kerry Morrison from Nexus Engineering – Oakbrook Terrace, IL

“Good afternoon John! I just received the Carson Street job (custom card sleeves), and these babies look FANTASTIC! You did a great job on the density and coverage and I just wanted to let you know that there will be many more orders from us in the future. Keep up the great work and I will send another order as soon as I can. We are currently working on getting pricing together so that our biggest client can begin selling these as well. Talk to you soon!”
– Brad A. from ShortRun Plastic Cards – Nashville, TN

“Barb, all is very good! Thanks so much for all of your hard work and great customer service!” (FYI – Judy also commented on the phone how happy she is to have found us. She mentioned how easy we are to work with and was really impressed with the turn time and attention to detail. She has now discarded all of her samples from other vendors because we will be getting all of her card sleeve business from here on out.)
– Judy Collier

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“Thank you for your help (with the 5M Tyvek bank card sleeves), and when we get this done, I will go out and see if I can’t get a couple more orders. Thank you for your “wonderful” help and look forward to hearing from you.”
– Pat – Fayetteville, AR.

“Barb, Thanks for all your help! You’re great!”
– Jeff M., Polyline – Elmhurst, IL

“Thanks for the great news Barb! You have a great weekend too and tell all of production thanks for their effort and hard work.” (Written upon receiving an email from Barb stating when custom order was shipping, charges, and quality of completed work)
– Jim Bruton, eCard Systems, Inc – Brentwood, TN

“…The (card) sleeves arrived last Wednesday (thanks for getting them to us early!) and they look great. Looking forward to handing them out to our new students later this month. Thanks, and have a great rest of the summer!
– Oliver Thomas – Information Services and Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Kim, By the way, I just received an email from Shake Shack and they all love the gift card sleeves. So thanks! Hopefully there will be other opportunities down the road. It was a pleasure to work with you!”
– Celeste Malia – Team Four Foods – Monroe, CT

“Hi Kim, You’re responsiveness and professionalism has stuck with me. Any future opportunities I have to sell your product I will definitely contact you!”
– Lori A. Beaver – CFM, Inc. – Duluth, GA

Paul Peixoto – President and Founder – The Serra Group, Inc. – Ramsey, NJ

“Wow that’s great. As always thanks for the quick response and the great turn time.” Marsha Session – after learning of the expected arrival date without expediting freight.
– Technicolor – Livonia, MI

“Hi Barb, We got the GroundLink (card) sleeves in today and they look GREAT! Sent a picture to our client and they love them! I’d like to go ahead and place a new order for our company. Please see the attached file. I would like to order 3,000 sleeves… Please confirm.”
– Craig Martyn – Fullerton, CA

“Good morning Barb, Thanks for sending the (sample) kit out to me. I really appreciate the offer and I enjoy working with you. Your turn times are great too!”
– Harriet

“Thank you!! Your pricing is great!! Thanks for the free shipping!!”
– Paul – Tallahassee, FL

“Thanks for all the great service and help you offer. Wish every one of our vendors were just like you.”
– Bob Sambrook- Diversified

“The sleeves arrived in good order and look just great. It was a pleasure doing business with you, and such a quick turnaround on getting the order designed and done.”
– Pierre LaFrance – Lake Champagne Campground

“That is why you are the best in the business!! I will shoot over a PO right away.”
– Ric Reith – Cycle Software in regards to having a Bind-In in-stock

“Thank you so much for your help on the phone this afternoon. I’ve called several companies today trying to find this type of product, and you were the first person I’ve talked to that had enough knowledge of the bookbinding process to adequately answer my questions and address my concerns. Thank you.”
– Kurt Bell-Kohler Print

“Have I ever told you that you’re my favorite sales rep at Information Packaging?”
– Shawn Wheatcroft – Duplium in regards to getting some product out even though shipping was extremely busy, but the salesman, Kim, went the extra mile.

“THANKS….I know this is our issue, but you work like we do and put the customers’ needs first….you’re the BEST!!!!!”
– Lisa Ray- American Multi Media in regards to a check coming for product that needed to ship right away.

“They arrived this morning, and they look great! We’re really pleased and appreciate your help in getting this turned around so quickly”.
– Carolyn Worfolk – Event Networks in regards to an order for the Ring Pac.

“Thank you so much for your fast response. I am looking forward to working with you on a design.”
– Ashley Hodges – Peoples Bank in regards to printed card sleeves

“Looks Great!! You guys are GOOD!!!”
– Rocky Boyles – GBF Printing Services in regards to custom card sleeves.

“As always, you folks are awesome!”  Derek.  In response to a Bind-in order that was shipped the same day as ordered.