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Computerized die cutting


  • Tyvek®
  • Paper
  • 8 pt. to  24 pt. paperboard
  • Plastic and film stock


New Die Cutting Equipment

Our latest addition handles up to a 24 x 30 sheet with precision accuracy.  It will also kiss cut and cut-score products in an infinite number of shapes and sizes  It’s ideal for finishing boxes, cartons, labels, pocket folders and other types of packaging.  The quick changes on the machine make it great for short or repeat runs up to 250,000.


Computerized Die Cutting 

What is computerized die cutting? It is converting a sheet into a blank or label. We specialize in high die cutting where up to 400-500 sheets are jogged and positioned into place. Positioned sheets are then locked in with up to four high-pressure clamps. Each cut is programmed on the die cutting computer to the exact position required. Accuracy of cut is +/- 1/32″ against the targeted graphics.

With computerized die cutting, we also are able to program a roller bar that takes all the air out of the material that provides consistent blanks with no top to bottom variation. This accuracy of blank dimension helps provide a good folded product. Die lubrication is also programmed in to help the life of the die and provide a clean cut.

All dies are routinely sharpened to provide accuracy and smooth round edges.  You will not find tick marks or rough edges that occur when using steel rule die-cutting. We have developed a process that hides any witness marks or dots on the copy. To help guide us in our cutting accuracy, we use witness lines that follow the contour of the die. These witness lines are split so they are visible in blank form, but then hidden when folded.

Depending on the size of the die and size of the sheet, anywhere from 1 cut to 72 cuts are made from the stack of sheets. Once all the cuts are made, the sheets are automatically pushed over to the stripping table where blanks are removed and stacked.

Hundreds of die cutting programs can be stored for retrieval on future orders with the same die and layout. This allows us to reduce or eliminate set-up for our standard products, resulting in quick turnaround and lower prices passed on to the customer.


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