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University and College

Information Packaging Corporation manufactures card sleeves used to protect student ID cards from damage. Custom printing also conveys important information to the cardholder.

Student ID cards have many applications: identification, building access, and also for bookstore or meal plan purchases. For the best protection and durability for these multiple-use cards, we strongly recommend Tyvek®, which will outlast paper and other substitute materials.

The Student ID card sleeve also provides an opportunity for the college or local merchants to convey information or reinforce branding (name, school colors and athletic team mascot). College and University-branded sleeves can be printed with contact information, safety advice, or instructions for card use.

Advertising from local merchants will often pay for the cost of Student ID card sleeves. Merchant advertisements may be a student discount for services such Laundromat or dry cleaning. Fast food restaurants, drug stores, or other local food and retail merchants may also advertise student discounts on card sleeves.

For contactless ID cards or RFID chip cards, we recommend ArmorShield® RFID blocking sleeves to secure personal information from unauthorized use of the card by skimming. Thieves may skim information to transfer to another card, gaining unauthorized access to the student’s dormitory or making illegal bookstore or meal plan purchases.

ArmorShield® RFID blocking sleeve are also a great giveaway to alumni for the protection of their contactless cards. Customize with your college name or provide In-stock RFID blocking sleeves.

Why custom print?
  • School brand (name, colors and athletic team mascot.)
  • Phone numbers, addresses, websites.
  • QR codes for easy connection and future alumni fund donations.


ArmorShield® – Registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.