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We at Information Packaging take great pride in the fact that all of our products and materials are made in the USA. Information Packaging manufactures custom printed sleeves and envelopes for several government agencies. Some of the agencies we have served include; local municipalities, county, state and federal governmental offices. Information Packaging is GSA approved, therefore government agencies at all levels have the ability to source what they need directly from us, the manufacturer. We have manufactured the following products for the government sector:

  • Tyvek envelopes for the Postal Service
  • CD and DVD envelopes for several government agencies, including the FBI
  • Government mailers for the office of Hearings & Appeals
  • Tyvek or paper card sleeves for non-RFID identification cards such as veterans medical benefits, Department of Agriculture and military housing
  • RFID blocking sleeves for higher level security cards that are used by the Department of Homeland Security, government purchasing cards and military benefits cards

ArmorShield® RFID blocking sleeves, have been produced in our Macedon, NY facility since 2006. Information Packaging is the leading producer of the enhanced driver’s license (Washington, New York, Vermont and Canadian Provinces). Our ArmorShield® RFID blocking sleeves are also recommended for passports and government issued ID cards (Department of Defense and the Permanent Resident Green Card). Information Packaging currently manufactures several million sleeves for the United States government, which are FIPS 201 approved Electromagnically Opaque Sleeves. We believe our product is the most durable product in the industry. Our proprietary ArmorShield® material is tear and water resistant. Bottom line, the material is better. Request a sample today and judge for yourself. We challenge you to find something better.

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