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Folding and Gluing


  • Open-end envelopes from 1-1/8 x 1-9/16 to 7-1/8 x 9-1/2
  • Open-end expansions with blank size up to 15” W x 12”H.  Exp. up to 2”
  • Open-side envelopes from 1-3/4 x 1-11/16 to 10 x 15-3/4
  • Latex, seal gum, strip and seal, perf, hole punch
  • Windows and patch available on all sizes above 3 x 5 open-side
  • Folding from blanks or roll-fed


  • Tyvek®
  • Paper
  • ArmorShield® (RFID blocking)
  • Up to 24 pt. board weight stocks


Folding & Gluing Overview

When folding and gluing long runs of 5 million or more pieces, we often run the product on a web folding gluing machine. Web folding and gluing machines do require longer set-ups. However, once set-up, we have the ability to sheet, die-cut, window patch, print, fold, and glue all in one high-speed operation. Running all of these operations on one machine is very cost effective and therefore lower prices for large volume orders.

Many of our folding and gluing machines are run from die-cut blanks that provide us the ability to run custom printed jobs from 1,000 envelopes to millions.

Our specialty is folding and gluing envelopes for plastic cards, archival documents, and DVDs.

The envelopes used for plastic cards are used to protect bank cards, contactless-enabled cards, hotel keycards, building access cards, gift cards, and ID cards. We have several envelope sizes and styles that can be used for the plastic card. Whether you are looking to hold two cards, protect your card from skimming, need it custom printed, protect your card from water and chemicals, or need something different, we probably have a solution.

Archival envelopes are used to preserve documents, photos, and film.  Special paper, adhesives, and construction that passes the Photo Activity Test is used with the archival envelopes.

Information Packaging has manufactured over 400 billion envelopes to protect electronic media from the 8″ disc, 5-1/4″ disc, 3-1/2″ disc, CD to the DVD.


New Equipment

 Our new folder/gluer was designed to offer fast, flexible performance that delivers complex packaging jobs at an affordable price. The new folder is ideally suited for producing straight-line boxes, room key holders, table tents, sleeves, CD wallets, computer software cartons, and presentation folders.  It can handle stock up to 28 pt. paperboard.  Need to insert or attach a product? We’ve got you covered.