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CD/DVD Sleeves and Envelopes


Information Packaging manufactures CD/DVD sleeves and envelopes in paper,  Tyvek® and paperboard, all of which are completely customizable. Our offerings for CD/DVD sleeves and envelopes include items with or without windows and flaps, latex or peel & stick adhesive on flaps or mountable options. There are over 25 in-stock options available at our In-stock Shop as well. Paper, Tyvek and paperboard options are all available in-stock to ship within 24 hours of your order.  If you are looking for a CD/DVD sleeve or envelope that is not listed in our in-stock shop, please give us a call.

With our many products for CDs/DVDs, Information Packaging Corporation has a solution that meets your CD/DVD sleeve and envelope needs. Custom printing and additional features can be added to the majority of our products.