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Gift and Loyalty

What is one of the most important components customers look for when purchasing gift cards? Why, gift card packaging, of course!  One of the fastest growing product lines for Information Packaging, we manufacture millions of specialty card packaging items such as card sleeves, envelopes and custom carriers every month. We supply multi-million dollar retail chains as well as small Mom & Pop stores with card sleeves and envelope solutions. A gift card sleeve can act as a marketing tool for the retailer and also gives the customer an attractive, custom branded package that complements their gift card. Many of our retail business customers opt for a paper gift card sleeve or envelope for short term usage. They are an inexpensive yet functional way to meet their customers’ needs and provide further advertisement of their business.

The purchaser of the gift card can address the sleeve to the recipient, include a message, and list the card value. We offer a wide selection of materials, construction designs and features that can be used to manufacture Gift Card Sleeve

custom gift card sleeves and envelopes.




Another option some retailers prefer is our Tyvek® card sleeves and envelopes. As loyalty cards and re-loadable cards can be used multiple times, we suggest using a Tyvek® sleeve, especially for food and beverage applications. Our Tyvek® card sleeves and envelopes are water resistant, so if something gets spilled, no damage will occur to the card.

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