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Custom Printing

We own and operate 2-color to 6-color high quality litho Heidelberg Presses. Heidelberg Presses are known in the printing industry to provide the best quality of any printing press. Custom Printing is done in-house in our 42,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Our experienced pressmen are able to print quality jobs on any material, including Tyvek®, special papers and board stock. Customers tell us that our printing quality surpasses the competition. See the testimonials or contact us for samples. Employees take pride in providing the best printed products in the industries we serve. We are glad to provide samples of our printing capabilities.


2/0 or 1/1 on paper envelopes to rigid mailers. The ability to imprint or to print after folding provides the means to take plain stock and provide quick turns for those hot runs. It also helps keep costs down for short runs. We have custom designed a special feed section to have the ability to imprint mailers up to 24 pt. SBS stock. We can print your stock product or you can select any of the stock products we currently inventory. With hundreds of stock products in the industries we serve, we are confident you can find a product that meets the needs of your project. If not, we can custom print and fold on one of our 15 folding machines. Call and discuss your project with our experienced sales team and they will find a solution or direct you to another company that can help.

Flexo printing

2/1, 3/0 can be done inline on several folders. Flexo printing inline (printing and folding in the same operation) provides the lowest cost job when price is a concern. Graphics will determine if a project can be Flexo printed. (Simple logos and text can be printed, but if your project requires high quality and/or full bleeds, we recommend litho printing.)

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