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CD/DVD Mailers

CD and DVD mailers are manufactured in a variety of materials depending on requirements. This option is used for mailing and shipping. CD and DVD mailers protect the disc and provide substantial postage savings.

1-Way, 2-Way MailSavers®

Our CD and DVD MailSavers® are USPS approved as automated letter mailers. With inserted disc and Tyvek® sleeve, our MailSavers® weigh just 1 oz. for a cost effective alternative to paperboard mailers.

1-Way, 2-Way MailSavers® are paper envelopes that are designed to mail CDs/DVDs either one time (1-Way), or two times for disc returns (2-Way). Custom printing available.

Paperboard Disc Mailers are recommended for Standard A (bulk rate) or Bar Code mailing use. Paperboard Disc Mailers are lightweight paperboard with dependable disc mailing protection. This option also provides significant reduction in postage costs. Custom printing available.

DuPont™ Tyvek® is also a light-weight alternative where postage cost is a concern. In several of our custom projects, postage savings have more than made up for the total cost of the CD/DVD envelope.