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Medical & Healthcare Insurance

Information Packaging manufactures custom printed card sleeves for many companies in the healthcare industry. Custom printing conveys important information to the cardholder. We provide medical groups, doctors’ and dentists’ offices and healthcare insurance companies with a solution to communicate important information to their patients using our sleeves. These sleeves not only protect medical cards from dust and debris, but help to instruct patients on routine care, urgent care, and life threatening conditions. Healthcare and medical insurance information such as phone numbers, hours of service, address of locations, and websites can be printed on the sleeves.

Some doctor and dentist offices choose to use our paper card sleeves in place of appointment cards for their patients. Others opt for our Tyvek card sleeves when they want to use the sleeves as a marketing tool as well as an informative piece for their patients.medical

For the best protection and durability for these multiple-use cards, we strongly recommend Tyvek®, which will outlast paper and other substitute materials.

Why custom print?
  • Communicate to cardholder how the card is to be used.
  • Contact numbers and addresses.
  • Costs for services.
  • How to update cardholder personal information.
  • First aid information.
  • Insurance provider branding.
  • Benefits, services and billing information.
  • Advertising, discounts.