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Archival Storage

Information Packaging manufactures archival storage envelopes for some of the largest distributors in the United States. Archival storage envelopes are designed for long-term archival storage of photographs, negatives, transparencies and documents.  Protect your valuable prints and negatives from damaging light, dust and handling. Our archival storage envelopes  feature a strong bottom and side seams that are sealed with pH neutral adhesive, providing a smooth inner surface. Archival envelopes manufactured by Information Packaging have seams on the outside of the envelope for a smooth inner surface. (These envelopes should never have a center seam or inside seams. The localized pressure of inside seams will cause damage to contents over time.)

Available with thumb-cuts to allow easy insertion of contents or without thumb-cuts so none of your photograph or negative is exposed.

We manufacture both buffered and unbuffered versions – unbuffered envelopes are ideal for items with sensitivity to alkaline environments. Our materials (paper and adhesives) pass the PAT (photo activity test) ISO 14523, formerly ANSI IT9.16. The paper contains a minimum of 3% calcium carbonate (CaCO3) with a pH range 8-9.5. Paper weight is 80# and ivory colored. Various sizes available. Need an archival storage envelope in a custom size? Call us at 315-986-5793 to discuss your custom project or fill out our contact form.