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Information Packaging manufactures custom printed card sleeves for many companies in the healthcare industry. We provide medical groups, doctors’ offices and healthcare insurance companies with a solution to communicate important information to their patients using our sleeves. These sleeves not only protect medical cards from dust and debris, but help to instruct patients on routine care, urgent care, and life threatening conditions. Phone numbers, hours of service, address of locations, and websites can be printed on the sleeves.

Continuous technological advances within the healthcare industry have also opened up the need for more packaging like our disc envelopes and mailers. Used by various radiology departments and medical centers throughout the United States for storage and transport of sensitive patient test results such as ultrasounds, x-rays and MRI’s, our disc envelopes and mailers provide medical staff a cost effective and protective product to ensure critical data reaches its destination safely and securely.

We have also worked with several pharmaceutical companies on projects using our disc envelopes and mailers, custom printed card sleeves and custom products like pill envelopes. Our custom printed products allow the pharmaceutical companies the opportunity to market their company name while promoting the latest advances in medications to doctors’ offices, clinics, hospitals and the general public.

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