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DuPont Tyvek Authorized Converter for Envelopes

Information Packaging has been selected as a DuPont Tyvek Authorized Converter for Envelopes. This authorization allows Information Packaging to purchase Tyvek directly from DuPont. Only two other envelope companies in the United States have been awarded this accreditation. DuPont selected Information Packaging as a DuPont Tyvek Authorized Converter for Envelopes because of 30 years’ experience in printing, die-cutting, folding and gluing of Tyvek. They have been a loyal supporter of Tyvek and understand the benefits of using Tyvek.

Information Packaging has manufactured over 4 billion Tyvek envelopes over the past 30 years.  Several of the key employees have been converting Tyvek for over 35 years. In 1985-88, when the business started, over 95% of the envelopes converted were from Tyvek. Most these envelopes in these years were for the 5-1/4″ disk. Information Packaging grew from being the 13th manufacturer to the largest manufacturer of 5-1/4″ disks by 1988. Growth came from dedicated employees providing the quality and service the market demanded. When Information Packaging entered the market in 1985 it was not uncommon for the competition to give 13 plus weeks for delivery and still be late with the order. Mike Hogan, one of the owners of Information Packaging, talks about a custom order received at noon one day and it was delivered to the customer at 10:30 that evening over 1,000 miles away. This fortune 500 company is still a loyal customer.

In the early 90’s, Information Packaging introduced Tyvek envelopes for CDs. When CDs went to DVDs, Information Packaging, continued to provide packaging made from Tyvek and other substrates. CD and DVD packaging is still a big part of their business today. As CD and DVD packaging declines, Information Packaging has grown in providing Tyvek card sleeves and Tyvek RFID blocking sleeves.

If you have a project that requires an envelope or package to be durable, water resistant, light weight and/or protective call Information Packaging at 1-800-776-7633. Tyvek is a great solution for this requirement. Check out the capabilities of Information Packaging.

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