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Information Packaging Corporation (IPC), a manufacturer of specialty envelopes, continues to experience growth of their ArmorShield®, RFID blocking, card sleeve line


Information Packaging improves their RFID Blocking material

(Macedon, N.Y.  July 1, 2015) – Information Packaging Corporation (IPC), a manufacturer of specialty envelopes, continues to experience growth of their ArmorShield®, RFID blocking, card sleeve line. They are the leading manufacturer of sleeves and envelopes designed to shield unauthorized access to information stored on a variety of contactless card applications; including the U.S. Passport Card, U.S. Green Card, Enhanced Drivers Licenses (EDL), Department of Defense ID cards, and numerous credit/bank cards.

With the October, 2015 EMV deadline approaching, more bank cards will contain the contactless chip and be vulnerable to skimming and fraud.  ArmorShield® Sleeves provide an additional level of protection at the consumer level to prevent unauthorized access to information on those cards.

Information Packaging has recently enhanced its ArmorShield® material furthering its superiority in RFID blocking envelope products.  The new material is FIPS 201 approved as an electromagnetically opaque shield.  Changes in the bonding process between the Tyvek® and RFID blocking alloy provide several benefits over currently available materials:

  • Increased durability
  • Poly coating over the alloy prevents “foil rub-off”
  • Improved moisture and chemical resistance
  • Upgraded bonding process increases life of the sleeve
  • Lower cost as compared to previous ArmorShield® material

In addition to the Tyvek® ArmorShield® improvements, Information Packaging is also offering card sleeves and envelopes manufactured using PaperTyger Defender. Where durability and longevity is important, ArmorShield® is the preferred material.  With the improvements to the ArmorShield® material and addition of PaperTyger Defender, Information Packaging is well positioned to handle all shielding card requirements.

New applications continue to arise where ArmorShield® Sleeves are an ideal fit.  It continues to gain interest in the financial market between the best apps for day trading for contactless credit cards and international transit cards to prevent invasive communications such as relaying, eavesdropping, and cloning from occurring.  Contactless hotel room keys are another potential criminals dream.  ArmorShield® is perfect for the Hotel who wants to protect the safety of their clientele.

All ArmorShield® sleeves are FIPS 201 approved as an electromagnetically opaque shield and provide shielding for ISO 14443/15693 and EPC Gen 1/Gen 2 contactless smart cards and any contactless card that operates at 13.56 MHz and above.

About Information Packaging Corporation Information Packaging Corporation is renowned for manufacturing credit card sleeves/envelopes, RFID blocking envelopes, hotel room key sleeves, gift/loyalty envelopes, CD/DVD packaging, Tyvek envelopes, specialty envelopes as well as their expertise in custom printed envelopes and die-cutting.

Information Packaging Corporation is headquartered in Macedon, N.Y. USA. For more information, contact them at 800-776-7633 or visit


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