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Hotel Key Card Sleeves, Envelopes and Holders

Information Packaging provides several packaging options to the hospitality industry, including custom printed Hotel Key Card Sleeves, Envelopes and Holders. Used in motels and hotels to identify the room number and to provide valuable hotel information, our Key Card packaging also helps to protect the magnetic stripe from dust and debris. There are many different sizes, shapes and styles available that will hold one or multiple key cards. We manufacture many of the branded chain hotels and sells them through qualified card manufacturers and distributors. Boutique and independent hotels come to us for Key Card packaging as well. Generally these are produced from paper, but Tyvek is sometimes used for higher level resorts or hotels wanting a card sleeve with more durability or protection from the pool or ocean water. Generic “Welcome Guests” key card sleeves and other designs are available at our In-stock shop.



Hospitality Hotel Card Sleeves

hospitality card sleeves





We manufacture custom printed sleeves to protect the magnetic stripe on hospitality cards in hotels, motels, casinos, restaurants, cruise ships, amusement parks, convention centers and country clubs.  Check out some other specialty products we have manufactured for the hospitality industry!


In some newer hotels the use of  RFID Key Cards (like building access cards) is becoming more prevalent. Information Packaging has created an economical version of our RFID blocking sleeves, that is designed for short term use, to block thieves from duplicating Key Cards and gaining unauthorized access to a guests’ room.

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