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Over 70% of Top U.S. Credit Unions are using Tyvek® Credit Card Sleeves

by Mike Hogan
President of Information Packaging

After Information Packaging surveyed the top 100 credit unions in the U.S., it was determined that over 70% of them provide protective Tyvek® credit card sleeves (or carriers). When asked why, we received various responses.

The top 3 reasons Credit Unions use Tyvek® Card Protectors:

  1. To protect the bank card. The properties of Tyvek® will protect the magnetic strip from abrasion. Replacing cards can be expensive when you add up the cost of the card, mailing, and the card not being used. Members become frustrated and/or embarrassed if the card doesn’t work. “If the card stops working members will switch to another card and we lose revenue”.
  2. To communicate a message to our members. Various messages are printed on the Tyvek® sleeve: safety tips on how to use your card and protect your identity, services the credit union provides, locations, phone numbers, website, and QR codes. “If the message on the sleeve helps promotes the services for a few members, it more than pays for the cost of the sleeve”.
  3. Members are asking for the card sleeve. “Member satisfaction is our number one goal”.

Additional responses from credit unions included:

  • “…we like to show our members that we care about them.”
  • “… It provides free advertising whenever the card is used, especially at the restaurant when a few close friends are having lunch together.”
  • “…It helps our card standout from other cards in our member’s wallet.”

Whatever the reason, it was obvious that credit unions believed that Tyvek® credit card sleeves were something they need to provide to their members. The value is there. Whether the value to the Credit Union is found by replacing less cards, printing a message to the members on the card sleeves, or providing a professional branded look for their customers, the top credit unions are using them.

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