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Custom Envelope Solutions for Business

manufacturing specialty envelopes since 1985

Information Packaging Corporation is a leading manufacturer of packaging for custom envelope solutions. We specialize in manufacturing custom envelope solutions for plastic cards, including many RFID applications,  CDs/DVDs and are also experts in die-cutting and custom printing of Tyvek® envelopes and other specialty materials.

We began manufacturing specialty envelopes in 1985 and owe our success to our hard working and dedicated employees. The goal of every employee at Information Packaging is to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Our Sales team works directly with product development managers, graphics departments, advertising firms, and business owners to provide custom envelope solutions for business in many different industries. We take pride in developing solutions for envelope packaging requirements in diverse markets.

Some of our offerings include:

Paper and Tyvek® protective sleeves and envelopes for bank and credit union cards, gift cardsand hotel key cards just to name a few.

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We manufacture card sleeves and envelopes in ArmorShield®, a Tyvek® based RFID blocking material. These sleeves and envelopes are used to protect smart cards such as contactless credit cards and ATM/debit cards, building access cards, government IDs, school IDs, transit cards, passports and enhanced driver’s licenses from unauthorized access.

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Paper and Tyvek® sleeves and envelopes for CD/DVD applications.

All of our products can be custom printed with your preferred graphics. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your project.